A Post-Election Thank-You to All My Supporters

I  wanted to thank the thousands of you who voted for me on November 6th. It was an honor knowing you trusted me to protect the spiritual lives of Palmdale students. While I didn’t win, I am  thankful for all the great people I had the chance to meet with and talk to. And I hope that the campaign reminded all of us to keep the children of Palmdale in our prayers. Thank you again.

Dave Markov

Finally -- A Chance To Stop Public Schools From Smothering Our Children’s Religious Faith. On November 6th Fight The System And Bring Parent Values To The Classroom....

We’re too trusting. And our children pay the price, spiritually and morally.

I’m Dave Markov. You may find some of what I’m about to say hard to believe. But I’ve spent much time in Antelope Valley classrooms — and what I’ve seen troubles me (as it would trouble any parent).  I’ve found —

Posters mocking stay-at-home moms while others promote Communist Angela Davis… an anti-second amendment guest speaker promoting “gun prevention” and the Anti-Semitic Nation of Islam… teachers spending three-and-a-half weeks teaching the tenets of one religion while totally ignoring Christianity… and a science teacher requiring children watch a DVD on evolution over-and-over to drill that godless belief system into their heads. And all along —

We naively think schools are supporting us. We trust educators will reinforce the community’s morals and values as they teach the Three R’s. And we expect that one day our children will cross the stage to receive their diplomas, graduate as self-reliant adults, living the faith they’ve embraced.

But if you suspected that’s all a pipe dream — that all is not well within our schools — you’re right. The truth is —

The “education industry” (schools, teacher unions and educational publishers) doesn’t care what you want; you’re not even on their radar. (Think I’m exaggerating? I’ve had teachers tell me point blank they know better than parents what’s best for the children. Your children!) Need proof?

Just look at the curriculum being used and the lessons being taught  in the classroom as well as the resolutions being passed at the teacher union meetings. (Mommyunderground.com frequently posts news stories on the darker side of education. I encourage you join their mailing list.) The education industry has a bigger plan — and it’s hiding in plain sight: to reform, reshape, and remake your children. And it’s not into “young adults of faith.” You see —

The one thing every child leaves school with is a “worldview” — the meaning they give to life. “Progressive” educators want to give the children a faithless, value-free worldview — the exact opposite of what you want for them. And  research shows that young adults who accept that worldview quickly abandon their faith when they reach adulthood — whether they’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other faith. 

And Who's Behind This Threat To Your Children? It's the --

Self-appointed “change agents” — those who see education as a “social experiment” rather than a place to ready students for life . They think they know what’s best for your children — not you. These include —

Special interest groups pushing their LGBT, global warming, social justice, etc. agendas…

Teacher Unions focused on social engineering — not learning…

And both are enabled by —

Greedy politicians who sell-out children for campaign donations and votes….

Cowardly “anything for a sale” educational publishers worshiping their bottom line. (None of them stood up to the CA Department of Education when the state watered-down social studies with the politically correct FAIR Education Act.)…

And, last but not least, lazy path-of-least-resistance school boards who avoid facing difficult issues. (Speaking of which… Did you know the Palmdale School District is projecting a $42 million dollar shortfall over the next three years? And their plan? There isn’t one — though they are talking about borrowing millions of dollars via bonds. In other words, the plan is to “kick the can” down the road for a few more years and let the problem grow even worse.)

Because of these change agents and enablers, good teachers are caught in the middle; their hands tied by bad curriculum, bad legislation, and bad board leadership.

Here's Your Chance To Strike Back And Toss A “Monkey Wrench” Into The Education/ Indoctrination Machine

Six people are running for the Palmdale school board. On November 6th, you’ll vote for three of them. 

Five of those six will continue status quo. Three are tied to the local teachers union, one is a former teacher and the other is a social worker. That only leaves —  

Me. Dave Markov — a Palmdale parent. If you elect me I will:

1) Weed out the negative curriculum that poisons students’ worldview.  (The easiest place to start is the novels they use for language arts. Anti-faith books like Tuck Everlasting should be removed from the reading list.)

2) Provide life-enhancing teaching materials that deliver positive ideas and role models. (Again, start by providing novels that build strong character.)

3) Ensure all faiths are represented equally in social studies. (Require teachers to log the days they spend teaching each religion so the district can make sure all faiths receive equal time.)

4) Establish a review/approval process for the use of outside speakers and non-approved curriculum. (This prevents harmful curriculum from being snuck in the “back door.”)

Please understand: this will not be easy or quickly accomplished. I’ll be one of five on the board. But I’ll fight with all my might, shine a light on the district, and do all I can to make these changes.

"But -- Is Dave Markov For Real?”

What you should know about me….

Family: I’m married to my wife of 20 years, Carolina, a nurse. My daughter attends high school in the AVUHSD and graduated from the Palmdale District.

Faith: I currently attend the Desert Vineyard in Lancaster. I’ve written instructional curriculum for the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) and was a writer/performer for the Nightlight Playhouse, a Christian theater in Chicago. 

Experience: In the world of education, I’ve worked as a teacher, trainer, product specialist, grants and funding specialist and curriculum writer. I know the “lay of the land” in education and the issues educators are grappling with. I’ll “hit the ground running” as a board member and start helping the students right away.

Fighter: I’ve addressed the Palmdale school board regarding:
1) Political bias in the classroom (conservative candidates being  attacked by teachers during regular class-time).
2) The need for equal treatment of all faiths in social studies. (I’ve also met with the superintendent and curriculum heads on this issue.) And —

I’m currently the parent representative on the Palmdale district’s social studies curriculum committee helping choose the next social studies curriculum. (Needless to say, I’m focusing on how the various publishers present the faiths to ensure thee students get an accurate picture.) 

Two True Stories That Make Me Very Sad

All too often the public education “sausage grinder” destroys a child’s core values and faith. I’ve seen it twice in my extended family.

1) One child grew up committed to her church, helping serve communion every Sunday. Now in high school, she never mentions her faith. “I really don’t have time for church anymore — I’m a Junior.” But she does have time for activist marches, LGBT issues, Gay marriage and social justice (aka Social Marxism).

2) Another grew up a church-going girl. Sadly, she abandoned her faith. Instead she now works for Planned Parenthood, keeping the wheels of the abortion mill grinding. To this day her dad still wonders what went wrong. I think you and I have a good idea what happened….

Don’t let your children end up like these two young people. Instead —

Vote Markov For Palmdale School Board -- Give Children a Fighting Chance For Spiritual Freedom

Our kids deserve an education that allows them to live and grow in their faith unhindered. 

If elected to the Palmdale school board, I’ll fight for that education. Now —

You might think I’m exaggerating the seriousness of this problem. Fine; Go ahead and vote for the status quo. But do so knowing that the status quo is responsible for the following shocking statistics:

According to the DataQuest service (found on the CA Department of Education website at www.cde.ca.gov):

  • 70% of the Palmdale District students failed the state test in language arts (they couldn’t meet the standards)
  • 80% of the Palmdale students failed the same test in math

If for no other reason, vote for me to bring new blood and new ideas to the district. We need change — both spiritually and academically. The status quo is failure. But that being said, the main reason to vote for me: you want to see public school students learn in an environment that respects their faith.

If you grasp on thing: Please understand the students’ spiritual lives are under attack by public education. My commitment as a board member is to protect those lives. Voting for me is striking a blow against those who’d reshape our children in their own faithless image.  You can make that kind of difference when you step into the voting booth or mail your ballot. And not only that –

But you multiply the power of your vote when you encourage family and friends to vote for me. Share your thoughts as well as this web page with them.

Your vote on 11/6 can make a difference that will last a lifetime — and beyond.

Thank you. God bless.

Dave Markov
Candidate for the Palmdale School Board

Image credit: “Cloudy Sky from Above” by Mathew Henry of burst.shopify.com